DJ Guy Reynolds

Every week on Revolution Radio, Guy Reynolds curates a dynamic blend of album tracks and dance tunes on his Specialist show, delivering an electrifying auditory experience that captivates listeners far and wide.

With a rich background in music and a passion for photography, Guy embodies a multifaceted artistic spirit. His lively exchanges and sharp humor resonate deeply with the local community, earning him a devoted following. Whether he's immersing himself in music or exploring the vibrant surroundings of his locale, Guy infuses each moment with enthusiasm, fueled by the latest tracks that inspire him.

The microphone has become Guy's trusted confidant, providing a platform for his candid reflections and engaging conversations. Through the airwaves, he shares his musings regularly, inviting listeners into his world with warmth and authenticity.

For an unforgettable experience, tune in to Guy Reynolds and embark on a journey through sound that transcends boundaries and leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

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Guy Reynolds in poetry

In the heart of Northamptons rhythmic beat,
There's a man who makes the airwaves fleet,
Guy Reynolds, his name echoing loud,
With music as his canvas, he's endowed.

With eclectic flair, he spins his tunes,
Crafting melodies under the moon's silver runes,
Album tracks and dance beats collide,
In his realm, where creativity resides.

A maestro of sound, a bard of the night,
His quick banter ignites, a radiant light,
Through the ether, his voice resounds clear,
Drawing listeners close, near and dear.

But beyond the mic, he's a soul in motion,
A lover of art, with a boundless devotion,
Photographer's lens captures life's array,
In vibrant hues, his visions play.

With a spring in his step, he roams the street,
Where music and memories joyously meet,
His laughter, a melody in the urban sprawl,
Guy Reynolds, the DJ, beloved by all.

So heed the call of his melodious voice,
In his world, where souls rejoice,
For in the realm of rhythm and rhyme,
Guy Reynolds reigns, for all time.

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