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The Z to A of Life

Monday, 27 March 2023 - 23 minutes

We all enjoy doing things that we feel comfortable doing, so staying inside our comfort zone is easy. But are we limiting ourselves by doing this? Have you ever been told to get out of your comfort zone? We're going to find out how to do this in this latest episode.

A comfort zone is a psychological state where a person feels safe, secure, and comfortable. It is a place where individuals participate in familiar activities, making them feel 'in control' of their environment. Inside the comfort zone, people don't typically engage in new experiences and may resist change or new experiences. So, in your comfort zone, stress and anxiety are minimal.

Now, we will not lie, getting out of your comfort zone requires effort. BUT, when you begin to reap the benefits of working in your growth circle, you will no longer wish to be inside your comfort zone and become unstoppable!

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