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Monday, 21 August 2023 - 20 minutes

The moment has arrived for lots of students nationwide, who will have received their results over the past few weeks. Whether you're a student, parent or even someone who sat your exams a long time ago, it's time to join Jules and Mark to find out how to focus on the next steps in your future.

Waiting in anticipation for a result can seem like an age. However, is it now time for celebration or commiseration? Whether you got the results you wanted or perhaps it didn't go your way, it's time to look at your next steps and be laser-focused on how to take them.

Regardless of performance, it's time to reflect and learn and acknowledge the strategies that contributed to your success. Understand what went well and what you could perhaps improve on. And, then be open-minded to all of your options before setting that goal in stone.

For more tools, visit the Future Toolbox website and, why not stop by the shop to get a copy of the Z to A of Life Skills book, Don't Get Your Neck Tattooed. This is also available on Amazon.

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