M is for Memory | How to Relieve Exam Stress

The Z to A of Life

Monday, 29 April 2024 - 24 minutes

If you think you have a rubbish memory, then join Jules and Mark in this latest episode to change your mindset, and also enjoy learning new things.

We're just about to approach exam season where hundreds and thousands of students will be in the last few weeks of their revision. It's quite a stressful time for everyone involved and it's time to take a look at how to make those final preparations for the big day.

H.A.I.R. is a way to help your memory. No, we're not talking about a trip to a salon, we're talking about an acronym that will revolutionise your learning. Insert that into some fabulous tools that include mind mapping, the story method, mnemonics and chunking and you could be on a winner to getting the result you want. And, if you haven't even begun to revise yet, it may not be too late.

Head over to the Future Toolbox website for more tools, at www.futuretoolbox.co.uk. Why not stop by the shop and get a copy of the Study Skills book, Smarten Your Study. This is also available on Amazon. The Future Toolbox also has a simple programme called, Smarten Your Study. Click here for more details.

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