S for Study

The Z to A of Life

Monday, 3 April 2023 - 21 minutes

In this latest episode, Jules and Mark share ways to make revision and study, easy and fun. Many teens are now in the final straight when it comes to revising for their exams. Using simple tools, it can add fun to boring tasks and relieve exam stress.

Whether you're a teen in full time education or the parent of a teen going through the exam build up, the Future Toolbox has over 20 years of experience in study strategies and they're here to share them with you. These are proven techniques used by world memory champions.

Remember, life isn't an exam so, it's time to embrace the learning journey.

You can also find more tools from the Future Toolbox website and why not visit the shop to get a copy of the Z to A of Life book, Don't Get Your Neck Tattooed. This is also available on Amazon.

Visit the Future Toolbox GoFundMe page to help more people access the amazing tools on offer.


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